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Hairdresser styling hair

Regular Activities at Manor House Dementia Care Home

Hairdresser - weekly

Cookery - daily, anytime

Singing with Mike White - monthly. Dates and times: Wed 6-Jan 5.30pm, Wed 3-Feb 10.30am, Tue 3-Mar 10.30am, Weds 13-Apr 5.30pm, Sat 30-Apr 10.30am, Sun 22-May 10.30am, Sun 19-Jun 2pm, Tue 5-Jul 5.30pm, Sat 23-Jul 10.30am, Sat 13-Aug 10.30am, Sun 18-Sep 10.30am, Wed 5-Oct 10.30am, Sat 22-Oct 5.30pm, Sun 13-Nov 10.30am, Wed 28-Dec 10.30am

Reminiscence World with Sarah - monthly on Wednesdays at 11am* (please note change in time from 2015). Dates: 06-Jan, 10-Feb, 09-Mar, 13-Apr, 11-May, 15-Jun, 13-Jul, 17-Aug; 14-Sep, 12-Oct, 16-Nov, 14-Dec

Creative mobility exercise sessions with Tim Tandy - 4 weekly on Thursdays at 4pm*. Dates: 21-Jan, 18-Feb, 17-Mar, 14-Apr, 12-May, 09-Jun, 07-Jul, 04-Aug, 01-Sep, 29-Sep, 27-Oct, 24-Nov, 22-Dec

*Updated for 2016. Please note that the above dates are subject to change. If you are making a special journey please call us to check first.

Creative Mobility session

Nail care - daily, anytime

Sing along - daily, anytime

Household activities such as folding laundry and laying tables -daily, anytime

We also have arts and crafts, woodworking, DIY, gardening and board games on offer, to name but a few.

Details of up and coming special events are published on our Facebook page

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